This FAQ is provided for general information only, and is not tailored to your specific facts and circumstances. This is not intended to provide legal advice or services, and does not create an attorney client relationship. For specific legal advice as to your situation, please contact our office at (919) 778-6707 to schedule a Consultation.

1.      How much is your consultation fee?
Our consultation fee varies, depending on the type of case. The consultation fee may also be applied to the retainer. We provide free consultations for Personal Injury, Social Security, Worker’s Compensation, and Traffic cases.

2.      How do I schedule an appointment?
You may call our office at (919) 778-6707 during office hours. You may also email us, or use the form on this website.

3.      I am out of state.
Do I have to meet with you in person? Will I have to go to Court? Maybe, maybe not. Traffic cases can typically be handled without you appearing in court or meeting with us in person. Most other types of cases may eventually require you to appear in court. However, by retaining an attorney, we will work with you and the Court to schedule meetings and hearings so that it is more convenient to you.

4.      Can you notarize documents at your office?
We will notarize documents prepared by our office or in the course of your representation. In addition, we also provide witnesses for the preparation of wills and Powers of Attorney. We do not provide notary services to the general public.

5.      How much will my case cost?
Again, it depends. Our fees are vary based on the type of case. Typical fees are either at our hourly rates, a flat fee, or contingent on the outcome of the case. Fees will be discussed in more detail at your consultation.

6.     I cannot get there before you close. What do I do?
Call us! We understand that you work and meeting with us or dropping off documents may not be convenient. We will do our best to work with you and your schedule.